Why do men love wearing sherwani for their own marriage?

Sherwani the age-old style of kurta and pajama with intricate details coming down from the Mughal period had undergone several changes to suit the needs and comfort of the modern man. With various patterns and trends, a good traditional sherwani has no competition. Men by large, love wearing sherwani for any occasion, especially for their wedding day. No matter what religion he belongs to a good designer sherwani is loved by almost any groom. Here are some of the reasons why men absolutely love wearing sherwanis for their own marriage.

  1. Comfortable

Sherwanis are loved by men for the basic reason because they are super comfortable. As in suits you need to struggle with the pants and well-fitted shirt, tie and coat, sherwanis are easy to wear and let men move around freely on their marriage day. A groom has many a responsibility and task on this day, and a sherwani gives him the comfort and space to do them smoothly. Marriage especially Indian ones need sitting on the floor. Nothing makes sitting on the floor easy and stylish in a designer sherwani.

  1. No colour restrictions

As in every man clothing styles there is a restriction when it comes to colour but in sherwanis men get the freedom to wear whichever colour they want to, they can even don a neon coloured kurta with a white pajama to make a bold statement and yet look classy and not crass. It provides and opens up various options for them to choose from.

  1. It is flattering

A good sherwani if stitched properly is flattering for any body shape. Men on the plus side or even those who are extremely thin can appear slimmer and healthier respectively if they stitch the sherwani properly. No other clothing is as flattering to the male body as Sherwanis. It gives a long straight look which instantly reduces kilos and adds height to the body frame. Therefore, it makes men look the best they can look on their marriage day.

  1. Huge styling options

Another reason why men love wearing sherwani on their own marriage is because it provides them with various styling opportunities letting them experiment and make a style statement that is unique and reflects their individual personality. Right from unusual colour coordination with the kurta and churidar/pajama to wearing churidar or pajama or dhoti pants or a salwar, to adding bling such as a brooch or styling their button holes with designer buttons or intricate stonework, there are absolutely endless possibilities when it comes to styling a sherwani.

  1. It is royal and classy

Lastly, any man would prefer a sherwani for his own marriage over any other clothing because of the vintage, royal yet classy feel that this piece of clothing offers them. It literally lights up any one’s personality instantly and in no time, they become the centre of attraction.

These were, therefore, some of the basic reasons and the most practical reasons why men love wearing sherwanis in their own marriage. Not to miss is the emotional connection it gives with the Indian culture.