Fashion trends from 2012 that are here to stay


Fashion is full of fleeting trends and new fads, and adapting to them to look stylish throughout the year. And every year there are clothes that one stocks up according to what is ‘in’ that season, and tosses out what’s not. But then again there are some styles and trends that stay on, and leave fashionistas wanting to embrace them a little more. 2012 did pass on some of these fashionable trends to explore the options this year too.

2012 saw a splash of bold and bright colors, neon pinks, fluorescent green, electric blues, and gave rise to the color blocking trend. Full-on suits became very popular in mono-colors and prints. It was also the year when it was raining all leather on the fashion scene, from leather leggings to dresses. Another super comfy fad was of pajama styled pants, printed pants, oxblood colored dresses, peplums, and, baroque patterns that were found flaunting by people everywhere.

There have been a few styles that have survived the test of time, and surpassed the latest fashion

Why do men love wearing sherwani for their own marriage?

Sherwani the age-old style of kurta and pajama with intricate details coming down from the Mughal period had undergone several changes to suit the needs and comfort of the modern man. With various patterns and trends, a good traditional sherwani has no competition. Men by large, love wearing sherwani for any occasion, especially for their wedding day. No matter what religion he belongs to a good designer sherwani is loved by almost any groom. Here are some of the reasons why men absolutely love wearing sherwanis for their own marriage.

  1. Comfortable

Sherwanis are loved by men for the basic reason because they are super comfortable. As in suits you need to struggle with the pants and well-fitted shirt, tie and coat, sherwanis are easy to wear and let men move around freely on their marriage day. A groom has many a responsibility and task on this day, and a sherwani gives him the comfort and space to do them smoothly. Marriage especially Indian ones need sitting on the floor. Nothing makes sitting on the floor easy and stylish in a designer sherwani.

  1. No colour restrictions

As in every man clothing