Your T-Shirt, Your Design

Many people are surprised to learn that the basic pattern of a t‑shirt is more than a hundred years old. Others claim that the history of this iconic item of clothing goes back even further than the early twentieth century. But for the purpose of this brief look at creating your own t‑shirts, the starting date of 1913 will be adequate.

This shirt style became standard issue for the United States Navy more than a hundred years ago. In following years, more and more non-Navy citizens adopted the style, using it for their primary outer shirt as well as for a comfortable undershirt. In just a few years, the t‑shirt was seen regularly on working men. In the past four or five decades, the t‑shirt has become a necessary wardrobe component for men and women alike, both plain white t‑shirts as well as shirts in a variety of colours.

Design and Advertising

It is possible to purchase a basic shirt in a single colour for only a few dollars. To get some of the more desirable or unique t‑shirts, you will need to spend a bit more. All in all, the t‑shirt style has been used for hundreds of different purposes, from showing people your favourite band to advertising a local business. With the exploding popularity of t‑shirts, companies have started to offer printing and design services for all sorts of events and activities.

Here are just a few ideas for how you, your family, or your business might use the basic t‑shirt for a special purpose:

  • School
  • Band
  • Corporation
  • Sports
  • Party
  • Family Reunion
  • Fundraiser

You can order a very small number of shirts from the leading providers of custom t‑shirts, as well as more than a thousand if that is what the event or activity calls for. You may also use the supplier’s online program to design and create a shirt for your special event.

One of the more popular ways to use an attractive, custom shirt is the fundraiser. Charities and non-profit organisations are often eligible for significant discounts from the leading providers, which also makes them an excellent way to raise funds for a worthy cause. This is because you can essentially design your own t‑shirt. The online programs allow you to select a shirt to get started, then design your finished product, set goals and announce the campaign.

So Many Choices

It would not be wise to start listing all the messages and colour combinations available in the specialty t‑shirt industry. You might feel comfortable with white script on a lavender background or, at the other end of the spectrum, brightly coloured leaves on a white shirt. If you are proud of your school or university, you can get shirts that exactly match the colour and logo of the school.

With the smooth and efficient process for online design and ordering, the most difficult step in the process may be deciding on colour and design. If budget is a primary concern, contact the supplier early and get an accurate quote based on your requirements. However, note that after you get a quote, additions or changes will increase the cost.